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Dynamic Website Design Package - Silver

Basic Website Design Package
Web design and developmentYour website reflects on you as a business. If you have a website design which does not promote a professional image, then it says a lot about you. Whether we like it or not, customers will judge us purely on first impressions and if that first touch-point is your website, which looks dated and does not portray the correct image, then they are one click away from visiting your competitors.

In the same way that you will update your working practices to adapt in business, you need to keep your website design fresh and relevant to give out the correct image and also meet your client expectations.

Our Silver Web Design Package gives you all you will need for a dynamic website including pages such as:-

  • About Us
  • Products and Services
  • Contact Us
  • Testimonials
  • ... and other pages you feel are relevant to your business

With our Silver package, you can incorporate dynamic elements into your website, that are database driven. For example, you may require some or all of the following:

  • Discussion Forum
  • Company Blog
  • Testimonials with Admin Features
  • Data Capture with Admin Reporting
  • Newsletter Signup and Dispatch
  • Live Chat with Clients
  • .... other ideas you have are welcomed and can be designed specifically for your needs

Your website will be designed to be search engine friendly and look professional, whilst giving you admin control of any dynamic elements if required. All common design best-practices will be adhered to at all times and we have can also promote your website for you with Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click advertising, should you wish.

Allow us to give your website the look and feel you deserve, whilst delivering professional dynamically driven database applications that your business requires. Lantrix are noted for their ability to deliver consistently high-quality work and within challenging timescale's. So let us demonstrate what sets us apart from other web design, web development and online media agencies.

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